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At Brutalisten we serve food based on the Brutalist Kitchen Manifesto

The main rule is the following: ingredients are used alone for a certain dish; only water and salt may be added


First explored through pop-up dinners in Los Angeles and Stockholm, now permanently installed in Stockholm


  • Brutalist kitchen is a dogma kitchen where certain rules apply.
  • Brutalist kitchen is titled in reference to Brutalist architecture, renowned for its linear and blockish appearance.
  • The main rule is the following: ingredients are used alone for a certain dish; only water and salt may be added.
  • In Orthodox Brutalist Cuisine, neither water (nor salt) is added. Generally speaking, the Brutalist Kitchen is less about recipes and more about finding and preparing ingredients.
  • We are born as Brutalist eaters, as mother’s milk is essentially Brutalist.
  • One ingredient is often divided and cooked in different ways and then added again on the same plate.
  • The use of overlooked, hard-to-get or rare ingredients, or ingredients that are generally discarded, is characteristic of Brutalist kitchen.
  • Brutalist Cuisine is not about lack of sophistication, but lack of combination of different ingredients and a commitment to purity.
  • Elaborate cooking techniques are allowed, as is raw or quickly heated food.
  • Decoration on the plate is avoided.
  • Different ingredients are not permitted on the same plate, they have to be presented as different units. The different dishes may be served at the same time.
  • The eater may combine the tastes of different ingredients while eating. Instead of a chef imposing what should go together and which amount for a given serving, the eater takes these decisions.
  • Portions tend to be of substantial size.

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2023.11.28 – 2023.12.22

A Brutal Christmas

For 2023’s Christmas season Brutalisten creates a special menu based on Swedish culinary icon Tore Wretman’s “Julbordets Sju Turer” (Eng: The Seven Trips of the Christmas Table). The menu features Brutalist interpretations of classic Swedish Christmas dishes.


Fusion.008.Karl-Johan release with Norrbottens Destilleri

Artisan distillery Norrbottens Destilleri release their porcini-based vodka at the restaurant. Alongside it the team created a special dinner menu focusing on mushrooms and flavours of the Northern Swedish forest.


Brachyura with Fredrik Johnsson

The team at Brutalisten and celebrated chef Fredrik Johnsson co-create a dinner menu with multiple servings of different types of crab. Johnsson is most know for running Michelin-starred cult restaurant Volt in Stockholm before it shut down in December 2019.


Natural wine with Suc Suc

Barcelona-based natural wine duo Suc Suc travel to Stockholm to host an exclusive wine-tasting event at the restaurant focusing solely on natural wines.


Nonna Brutale with Oskar Montano

Oskar Montano—famous as one of Sweden’s most prominent pizza chefs—joins the team at the restaurant to create a Brutalist take on traditional Italian cuisine.


Northern Kaiseki with Sushi Sho

Together with Carl Ishizaki—founder and head chef of Michelin-starred restaurant Sushi Sho—the team at Brutalisten prepares an exclusive menu combining the Brutalist Kitchen with the Japanese tradition of Kaiseki.


Charkbibeln release with Jon Randow

Alongside the release event of Jon Randow’s book Charkbibeln the restaurant prepares a special menu focusing on cured meats.


Brutally Hultén with Claes Britton and guest speakers

To celebrate the release of Claes Britton’s book Pontus Hultén: den moderna konstens anförare the restaurant pre-pares an exclusive dinner event coinciding with a panel discussion on the past, present and future of art. The panel consists of curator Daniel Birnbaum, author Claes Britton, artist Carsten Höller, curator Kasper König and artist Sophie Tottie.


Bird lunch

The final installment of 2022’s October lunch series. Considering Carsten Höller’s deep interest for birds of all kinds, it is a must. All dishes are centered around different cooked birds, both common and rare.


Fish lunch

The penultimate lunch of the October series. Only fish is prepared for the entirety of the menu.


Vegetable lunch

The second of October’s themed lunch series. The final harvests of the season are prepared for an extravagant lunch menu consisting solely of local vegetables.


Seafood lunch

The first of an October-series of themed lunches. The entire set menu is centered around the season’s best Nordic seafood.


Club 111x with Eytys

Brutalisten and fashion brand Eytys join forces to throw an exclusive party for Stockholm’s fashion, music and film elite.

2022.10.21 – 2022.10.22

Brutalisten pop-up at Silencio in Paris

The team at Brutalisten travel to the City of Love to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of David Lynch’s legendary club and restaurant Silencio. For two nights the people of Paris are able to experience the elegance of Brutalist cuisine.

2022.10.08 – 2022.10.15

Game lunch

The first of many experimental menu concepts within the confines of The Brutalist Kitchen Mainfesto. In several servings guests explore the depths of seasonal game meats.


Mushroom festival

The restaurant invites Sweden’s mushroom experts to showcase rare mushrooms alongside a market for exotic and wild mushrooms. For the event special mushroom dishes are conceived.



After lauded Brutalist Kitchen pop-up dinners in both Stockholm and Los Angeles the restaurant Brutalisten opens its doors. The opening is celebrated over three consecutive nights bringing together old and new friends from both local and global scenes within the arts, business, culture and cuisine.