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There are many ways to enjoy Brutalisten. You can dine à la carte or explore our set menu consisting of seven or more servings in our chambre séparée on top of our mezzanine. The set menu changes from night to night depending on what is best in our current rotation.

If you are not feeling hungry, you are always welcome to come by for a glass of natural wine, in-house juices or signature sour beer and some snacks in our bar.

The Brutalist Kitchen Manifesto per definition puts a huge emphasis on the produce being the best it can be. In turn, working with the best local ingredients possible inevitably means that our menu is a constant subject to change. We might even on occasion feature special items on the menu for just a night or two – like mushrooms handpicked by our chefs, wild game hunted by friends, or specialty items from the network of producers we work so closely with.